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Value proposition

We find it a special mission to help local Scandinavian companies to tap into cost-effective global delivery models.....

Service Detailed Description

A s......

Step 1

The objective is to align top-management expectations to expected sourcing benefits with business and functional strategies and ensure that sourcing objectives and goals are specific enough to be able to judge and direct the sourcing strategy. Also we will understand if the business functions eligible for sourcing have been identified.

This will typically be performed in a workshop format.


Step 2

The objective is to gather information of the internal services and the organisations eligible for sourcing activities, and establish recommendations for most relevant services to source.

This will typically be performed as interviews


Step 3

Through a facilitated workshop we help management to decide on the strategic forces for sourcing, the critical uncertainties, expected outcomes for sourcing, the limitations, and the urgencies and burning platforms that drives the need for sourcing.


Service approach and timing


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