Identify, evaluate & select IT opportunity

Benefit from Business- and IT opportunities:

Client example:

A large Scandinavian Retailer used us to create a firm understanding of the future business needs and created a requirement specification based on that. The solution selected automated the marketing, sales, invoicing and picking of goods from the warehouse keeping the sales personnel constantly updated on goods on stock.
After evaluating and selecting the business solution the work done in this pre-phase proved to be a solid building stone for the following implementation work. The future business processes were already outlined and there was a huge ownership across the organisation which eased the success of the actual implementation.


  1. that supports business processes through automation and/or robotics creating effectiveness, lower costs, increased profit & competitiveness.

    We assist you in identifying solutions relevant to your business needs. 
    Furthermore, we use accelerated proven methods to collecting and evaluating business and IT needs/requirements. These methods build on a business-driven approach that ensures - what we believe is essential for success - that organizational change ownership is created from the very first sod.  
    Finally, we assist you in evaluating and selecting the solution that fits your future business needs and requirements. 
    In doing so, we put our knowledge and vast experience in evaluating and selecting solutions to your disposal. 

  2. that is considered disruptive (“game-breaker”) to ensure you are ahead of competition (also from other industries) instead of being “overrun”. 

    We assist you in identifying technological possibilities that should be considered “game-breakers” in your industry. Technologies that make a business area obsolete unless efforts are done to develop that business area into being competitive or offering new services.
    We recommend high-level attention to these technologies and offer “Discovery workshops” designed to understand and discuss how these technologies might affect your company. Based on this we evaluate the potential technologies and help you select the ones relevant to your business.
    Furthermore, we help identifying areas where these technologies should be further investigated.  And we design pilots that ensure a high learning curve and evaluate these based KPI’s in order to discover the technology relevance for your future business.