Optimize IT Delivery

It can be challenging to utilize the globally available high class and affordable IT services, while avoiding the risks of poor quality. We put our comprehensive experience to help improving the maturity of your IT, and to build effective and lasting  relationship with global IT and BPO vendors. 


Utilizing Global IT Delivery Models

Mio have worked with globalisation for many years, and have built special expertise in defining and utilizing global  delivery models, securing cooperation and team-work in virtual teams, working with cultural differences, and so on.

We find it a special mission to help local Scandinavian companies to tap into cost-effective global delivery models, a thing that the largest enterprises has done for years. To that purpose, we have entered into a partnership with India based Remote IT Infrastructure Services vendor Net Access India Ltd.   


Governance and Maturity

focus area for MIO Managmeent is helping clients to improve, optimize and automate outsourcingrelationships and governance after the contract is signed. Vendor Management, Virtual Team Optimization and Global Agile Development approaches are areas where MIO Management can provide special capabilities.

MIO Management is utilizing a rich methodology based on years of exprience with transformation and optimization of IT Organisations.

We are working with SaaS vendor SirionLabs to automate governance of complex outsourcing contract relationships through advanced software robotics for automation and decision support

Virtual Team Optimization

Virtual Team Optimization is a topic where Mio Management consultants have created some of the latest research with leading enterprises through Copenhagen Business School.

Virtual Team.png

MIO Management also have strong capabilities in optimizing IT outsourcing relationships, where outsourcing transition & transformation management, and service integration are special focus areas.


Target Operating Model

We have helped clients establish target operating models for various delivery scenarios, like SAP development and AMS, IT Operations, and SIAM. 


Transition and Transformation

We are utilizing a rich methodology based on years of experience with transition and transformation of IT Organisations and outsourcing relationships. We put a special emphasis on the organisational change aspects, where culture, organisation and skills are in focus for ensuring effective changes to the IT Delivery model.

ITO Method Illustration.png

"Tak for et godt samarbejde og tak for en flot indsats i forbindelse med vores near shoring initiativ. Er overbevist om at jeres råd og vejledning vil sikre en langt bedre søsætning af det nye near – shoring koncept.

— Ediz Yildiz, Widex