Strategy and Innovation

We can help you utilize global technologies to strengthen your competitiveness through effectiveness, creating competitive edge and staying ahead of potential disruptive threats.


Consider the following examples


A Customer has signed a complex IT service delivery contract with a Supplier. The contract is app. 2000 pages and contains a large amount of SLA’s, governance requirements, penalties and so on. The contract soon ends on the customer and supplier shelves and the supplier starts delivering. Over the next period disagreements evolve regarding the agreed deliveries – the amount of SLA’s, what is contained in these and how they are to be interpreted. Customer satisfaction decreases. 

Then consider: how a technology - offering the possibility for customer/supplier to share contract information, create an overview of agreements and common definitions on agreed SLA’s - will strengthen the partnership and thereby the supplier competitiveness through improved services, customer satisfaction and effectiveness.



A sales and marketing company has a good business making cold calls to potential customers on behalf of their clients. Over a few years emerging technologies - the internet and social media – changes the way customers buy. They now go through a large part of the traditional buying process on their own investigating and making up their mind with the aid of these new technologies. Cold calls are no longer possible on the contrary the customers call when they are ready to discuss.

If the sales and marketing company did not foresee this development and ensure appropriate measures to adjust their business it is suddenly obsolete. Instead a new market opportunity has emerged for social selling.



Financial institutions all over the world have had to completely transform their services. The days are long gone when you went to your local banking branch to withdraw some money or even put money in the bank. Most of the bank branches simply don’t exist anymore since the business of banking has become an online business. 

The payment management Industry is under heavy competition with new competitors constantly entering the scene. Traditional banks these days must constantly innovate new solutions (like for example mobile-pay) to keep their customer allegiance. The financial services battle has only just started.



The Internet, e-mail systems and the social media have eradicated the local post offices leaving nothing or a shelve in the local supermarket. 

Except for special mail post offices now primarily deliver packages and the future for this business area might change quickly. Just consider how Amazon in the States has started using Drones to deliver parcels in customer backyards. 



Our Approach for identifying and quickly implement innovative technologies 

Businesses today face competitors from all over the world and often outside their own industry. These competitors offer new standards for competition through better price performance due to the utilization of IT opportunities and sometimes different wage levels. Furthermore, new technologies arrive that completely disrupt the marketplace.

We help our clients benefit from global Business- & IT opportunities as for example IT solutions and game-breakers – from the identification of relevant technologies to the implementation of these technologies ensuring business ownership and return of investment.

Be aware however, that technology alone doesn’t do the trick. A number of critical success factors must be managed in order to succeed. For example, the implementation should always be managed by business directions and business needs ensuring clear objectives for the implementation. Business processes should be developed or redesigned, the future solution landscape must be considered, organisational ownership is crucial and so on.

Our approach is built on our considerable experience in ensuring Return on Investment with solution implementations. We offer a broad range of innovative tools, accelerated methodologies and deep experience to help you in the following areas:

Identify, evaluate & select IT opportunity

Whether it being a solution to increase competitiveness or an emerging technology being a potential game-breaker.


Develop business processes

With clear roles, responsibilities, KPI’s & measurement systems to fully benefit from the new technology & ensure Return on Investment.


Design IT landscape

Ensuring IT compliance with business needs without redundancy.



Establish rollout strategy & plan implementation

Considering the organisational maturity, the degree of change needed, the geography and the existing activities.


Implement technology

Managing the change and ensuring success including the expected results and ROI. Furthermore, evaluate the results.