We are a team of consultants with solid management and consulting background from global consultancies like IBM Consulting Group, HCL Technologies, Cap Gemini and other. Mio Management was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2009.


We want to help Scandinavian companies fully utilize the benefits of global technology opportunities 

Our aim is to provide solid and experience based advice and counsel to help clients innovate through technology, to make outsourcing and offshoring work, and to help local mid-market clients tap in to global delivery models.

We have the tools and the experience to foster efficient collaboration

We have built significant intellectual capital around virtual team collaboration, on troubled contract review, account management maturity assessment, vendor management process benchmarking, organisational change, global processes, GDPR and many other areas, that can be utilized in our client engagements to start fast, and maintain focus.

We optimize processes and make change happen

A clever head and a fancy slidedeck is not enough to create change. We make change happen by immersing our team of consultants in our clients’ organizations. We trust that when we create significant value and deliver high quality services to our clients, they will be back again and again. 


Our Vision

  • Mio consultants are known to create significant value and deliver high quality advise and counsel to our clients, so they are back again and again.

  • We work in a fun, challenging and developing work environment.

  • We respect the individual, and foster open and honest communication.

  • We run a solid business that allows us to attract and sustain the best consulting team in the market.

Our Mission

Our team of experienced consultants design and implement mature business and IT strategies and processes, using innovative and effective global sourcing solutions, and utilizing our methods, procedures and tools to ensure high quality, in order to assist our Scandinavian clients establish and manage strong global relations that positively impact their ability to create business value with innovative technology. 

A Team of Senior Consultants

We believe in the value of experience. With experience comes grit and the know-how that enables you to hit the ground running. That’s why we have assembled a team of high-performing senior consultants. For individual clients, we tailor a team suited for the challenge at hand across employees and independent associated consultants. All our consultants and advisors have worked with Mio Management extensively for years.


Morten Osted
Managing partner

Morten has more than 30 years of experience with sales and consulting in IT services and outsourcing. His experience was attained from senior positions for companies like IBM and HCL Technologies. After a career with IBM as an IBM Partner in IBM Global Services, he joined HCL Nordic Region in 2009 to establish and build HCL in Denmark, working with business development of the outsourcing business. After executing a very successful growth plan for HCL in Denmark, he co-founded Mio Management as managing partner, to help Scandinavian companies utilise globalisation better, especially in IT. Morten holds a MSc in computer Science from University of Copenhagen.


(+45) 4049 8742

Susan BW.jpg

Susan Nielsen Helles
Partner, Management consultant

Susan is a very experienced business transformation consultant, with a special focus on leadership, business process management (BPM), CRM, CVM  mobile solutions and change management. She has managed a large number of transformation projects in global environments, as a Principal in IBM, as an independent consultant, and as a consulting manager at Cap Gemini. Susan takes a special interest in the intersection of business and IT and she has substantial experience in harmonising business processes across geographies, functions and organisations. She holds a Master in Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School.


(+45) 2844 0077


Soren Frisch Kiaer
Executive Consultant

Soeren has an extensive background in IT leadership positions from IBM Global Services, spanning from Management Consulting as Engagement Manager and Partner to Projects Executive in charge of multi million Global Outsourcing Contracts.

He has focused on developing innovative projects around IT strategic and IT management topics for several major companies, primarily in the outsourcing space. Soeren has also as partner been business responsible for IBM's Travel and Transportation Industry practice on a Nordic level. Soeren holds a MSc in Mathematics and Computer Science from University of Copenhagen. 

(+45) 3046 7040

Sven Kolstrup BW.jpg


Sven Kolstrup
Executive Consultant

Sven has more than 30 years of professional experience primarly in the IT industry. For the past several years, he has worked as senior executive of IBM with various responsibilities in IT services, outsourcing, business consulting and account management for large customers both in Denmark and internationally. His focus is the commercial application of artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and global sourcing. He has been engaged as a program manager and adviser in a wide range of implementation projects within these and other areas.

Before Sven joined IBM, he was CEO for a number of smaller and larger Danish and international IT companies. In addition, he has been a partner in a Danish management consulting company.

During his career, he has been a member of several corporate boards, DTU advisory board, DTU's board of representatives, DI Service Industry and active member of DIAG.

Sven has an MBA from Copenhagen Business School.

(+45) 2116 1848

Martin Pedersen BW.jpg

Martin Pedersen
Executive Consultant

Martin has significant experience with global account management, lean IT delivery and as consultant for several global companies, primarily in the Pharma and Retail industry. Martin comes from IBM as a Global Project Executive and Partner, and has earlier held positions as Practice Leader for Strategy and Change Consulting with IBM Denmark, as Transformation Executive for IBM Nordic, and as Senior Consultant with PA Consulting Group. Martin holds a MSc in Engineering from University of Aalborg, Denmark. 



(+45) 3089 3034


Thomas Tøth.jpg

Thomas Tøth
Senior Consultant

Thomas has been working with outsourcing of IT and Services for many years. He is specialized in management of distributed teams, with a focus on transition and transformation projects, sourcing governance, process optimization, knowledge management, change management and relationship management.

Thomas was previously stationed in India, where was a member of the leadership team that established a major development center with more than 500 FTE's. Thomas holds a MSc i Business Administration & Philosophy and a PhD from Copenhagen Business School, where he is still acting as an external professor in the field of global cooperation in the IT industry.

(+45) 2212 1517


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