Capture the True Business Value of Globalization. Mio Management is a Scandinavian Management Consultancy specialized in bringing the best out of global business and technology opportunities. We optimize processes to utilize technology and make change happen by immersing our team of consultants in our clients’ organizations.
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Our Services


Benefit from Global Business- and IT opportunities

Utilize global technologies to strengthen your competitiveness through effectiveness, creating competitive edge and staying ahead of potential disruptive threats.

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If done correctly, outsourcing and offshoring are very effective ways to focus your efferts on core competencies, reduce cost and increase quality of service. We help our clients define why, how and which IT services to source globally, while finding partners that will provide business value for years to come

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Optimize Global Delivery

It can be challenging to utilize the global opportunities for high class and affordable services, while avoiding the risks of poor quality. We put our comprehensive experience at the service of clients, helping build effective and lasting global collaboration relationship with global IT and BPO vendors. 

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Review and Manage Complex Engagements

Experiencing trouble with vendor relationships, vendor contracts or important projects  - or sensing trouble to come? We swiftly and objectively assess your troubled engagements in order to fix the issues or minimize the impact of a broken relationship, and we help manage your complex engagements to achieve their objectives.

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contract Management and Governance

Business success and outsourcing success are inseparable. We help our clients establish the Contract Management and Governance discipline necessary to capture the benefits of global contracts and partnerships by managing these and their lifecycle, staying in control and constantly maximizing the value/cost relationship.

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Our Clients


We helped Vestas to mature and automate their IT contract and vendor management disciplines. The goal was to reduce the direct cost of contract and vendor management, to foster transparency and to minimize leakage in their major outsourcing partnerships.



We have worked with EVRY Norway to improve their account management organization. We delivered a Proof of Concept that clearly demonstrated the business case of the advanced Account Management tool Sirion, including how it simplifies and improves complex client relationships. In addition we helped understand and improve a troubled client engagement using our 7 keys review approach.


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We have worked with Net Access India to help them bring high quality global IT Infrastructure services to mid-size Nordic infrastructure and hosting providers. Mio have provided advice and councel to build a sales strategy, and sales and marketing capabilities to the danish and nordic market.


HCL Technologies

With Indian IT Outsourcing giant HCL Technologies we assisted them to be introduced to the Danish market. We managed several of their key client relationships and delivered local resources for their services contracts.



KMD needed to improve their global delivery approach, to save cost and to improve quality. Mio assessed the situation, worked with the organisation to improve usage of global delivery, and provided a target operating model for SAP Managed Services. In addition we have helped extract and translate obligations and SLAs from an existing major client contract to devise a model for future subcontracting of managed services to client contracts. 


We helped Widex with techniques for effective virtual team collaboration, through an assessment of the current experiences and gaps, and through workshops with management and employees to enable effective nearshoring.



Our Partners

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Apothem Advisory

We have worked with Apothem Advisory to deliver our consluting and advisory services at the right price whenever possible. Apothem Advisory is a consulting company serving its clients to derive maximum value from their outsourcing engagements. Their primary focus is to help global clients build and implement robust supplier governance framework and assist suppliers in managing strategic client accounts. Their supplier governance blog is created with an objective of sharing knowledge and best practices on vendor management and governance.  

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We partnered with SirionLabs to help our mutual clients transform supplier governance, utilizing SirionLabs’ breakthrough enterprise supplier management platform. Together we deliver real-time, data driven analytics, allowing our clients to redirect focus to supply chain value, while reaping productivity gains, improving performance visibility, and forecasting future usage and performance across their global enterprise.

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In danish:

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